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Lithium batteries are the preferred power source for most portable electronic devices and electric/hybrid vehicles because of their ability to hold larger charges for longer periods of time without having to be fully discharged before recharging.

Conservative estimates project a $30 billion lithium-ion battery global market by 2020. Under certain conditions though, Li-ion batteries can be explosively reactive. The conditions required to produce a volatile reaction are not even extreme. Short circuits, repeated overcharging, high ambient temperatures (in excess of 140°F/60°C), and damage to the pressurized case have each been reported as the source of battery fires. Any one of these conditions can produce internal battery temperatures well above manufacturer ratings. Temperatures above specifications in the battery cell can lead to more exothermic reactions, which further raise temperatures and lead to even more exothermic reactions.

This chain reaction is a chemical process known as thermal runaway and can lead to violent chemical fires with temperatures as high as 900°C/1,652°F. The bulk shipment of several of these Li-ion batteries is what creates the potential for such disastrous consequences. The heat generated by one cell in thermal runaway is more than enough to heat or puncture other cells in the same shipment and produce the same explosive effects.

Experts believe Li-ion battery shipments may have been responsible for several plane fires in the past few years. Effective April 1, 2016 The U.N.’s International Civil Aviation Organization imposed a temporary ban of lithium ion batteries bulk shipments in the cargo hull of commercial airlines until a product emerges that can mitigate the risks associated with these shipments. Through rigorous testing, we at PA2 believe we have developed such a product in The Omega Package, marketed as "Obexion" by our distributor Labelmaster. Several Fortune 500 companies agree with us and exclusively use Obexion-brand products to ship their damaged/defective devices that contain Li-ion batteries.




The Omega Pak system (branded Obexion Max) is a line of single-use, corrugated shippers designed to safely ship lithium batteries and products that contain them. The goal of the Omega Pak system is to isolate a lithium battery thermal runaway event to an individual cell or device and prevent the event from spreading to adjacent cells or devices within the package – a goal which has been achieved in not only dozens of tests conducted in the most rigorous of conditions, but also in real-world conditions. Obexion Max packaging mitigates risk via the use of the Obexion Technology Suite – flame retardance and arrestment, thermal management, pressure management, blast and projectile containment, flammable & hazardous gas filtration and smoke filtration - yet requires no gel packs, beads, heavy liners, pellets, or fillers.





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